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SecurityWork Executive Search solicits resumes from anyone engaged in the fire alarm/security industry. We have a large database of resumes that have been entrusted to us by professionals who may not be looking at this time but would like to know of positions that may interest them. We have a strict policy of safeguarding the resumes and do not forward them to a potential employer without the candidate’s permission. When we receive an assignment we first search our database for qualified candidates. If we find a possible match we contact the candidate to describe the position to see if they are interested in learning more. If the candidate agrees we forward the resume to the hiring manager.

We would be pleased to add your resume to our database with the knowledge that it will remain confidential until the time you ask us to forward it to the company who has engaged us to locate candidates. You will be the one who decides if you wish to be considered for the position.

Please send resumes to:

Bill Bartling (512) 844-1607

Dan Colin (904) 728-2334